Headed into the big city with my Sony A6000, Zeiss lens and my creative mind….DSC04337 DSC04339 DSC04345 DSC04350 DSC04361 DSC04362 DSC04371DSC04377 DSC04386 DSC04391 DSC04398 DSC04404 DSC04413 DSC04432DSC04417 DSC04428 DSC04432DSC04327 DSC04323 DSC04319 DSC04318 DSC04313 DSC04311 DSC04301 DSC04296 DSC04292 DSC04280 DSC04278 DSC04273 DSC04272 DSC04271 DSC04264 DSC04262 DSC04257 DSC04253 DSC04240 DSC04239


Written by John Alex Productions

Independent film maker Based in the Abu Dhabi, covering events that happen in the UAE. Releasing a series of videos and documentaries based around the middle east and the perceived problems and issues that people have with them. Short films. Offering media services for those who need exposure

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